For Thai Students Only*


1. Read the relevant terms and conditions thoroughly before applying for the tuition fee reductions.

2. Log in to URL: https://covidrefundtu.web.app/ (between 22 – 24 August 2021).

3. Students who have already arranged tuition fee payments will receive a refund through the PromptPay service system associated with a Thai citizen ID. For those who have not, they will pay the amount after the deduction of the reduction.

* Registration on this website is for Thai citizens only or students with National ID starting with 0. International students are eligible for the tuition fee reduction scheme from Thammasat University (maximum of 20%), however, do not register on this web site.  

Reduction in tuition fees:

Fee reductions will be implemented in three steps as prescribed below:

      Step 1:  A reduction of 50% for tuition fees not exceeding 50,000 baht;

      Step 2: A reduction of 30% for tuition fees greater than 50,000 baht but not exceeding 100,000 baht;    

      Step 3: A reduction of 10% for tuition fees in excess of 100,000 baht.

60% portion of this tuition fee reduction will be funded by the Thai government while the remaining 40% will be funded by Thammasat University. 

Eligibility Criteria for Tuition Fee Reduction through Government Subsidies:

1. Must be a Thai national or person who has yet to acquire Thai nationality but has a national identification number starting with 0;

2. Must be enrolled for Semester 1/2021 but not applicable to those who are only maintaining student status;

3. If enrolled at more than one university, the reduction benefit will be applicable to one university only;

4. If enrolled in multiple programs at Thammasat University, the reduction benefit will be applicable to one program only;

5. Must confirm receipt of the reduction benefit via the system;

6. Must agree to submit all disbursement evidence (if any) to Thammasat University for government disbursements;

7. In case the university is denied the disbursement of tuition fee reduction, subsidized by the government in the student’s name, such student must agree to the following:

  7.1. pay the amount of fees to the university instead;

  7.2 arrange tuition fee payment prior to registration for the following semester or before submission of graduation request.

Refund policy for students who have already arranged to pay tuition fees:

1. Thammasat University shall return the reduction to students who have already arranged to pay tuition fees after receiving notification of refund policies from authorized government agencies.

2. Due to official requirements, tuition fee reductions from both government and university subsidiaries shall be transferred through the PromptPay system using the national identification number of the student.

3. Refunds cannot be made through the PromptPay system that uses a phone number or another persons’ national identification number.

4. Please ensure that your bank account associated with PromptPay has an active status. Account suspension for PromptPay service can sometimes occur if such an account has not been used for more than one year. Students often cannot recall which bank account they have associated with Prompt Pay service, resulting in non-receipt of a notification of transfer despite the fact that the fee reduction deposit has actually been made.